What started out as a personal project of Rhys’s back in 2013, Got Lost! is a Travel Tips and Advice website. Rhys decided to bring that project into InSyde Media to give the website a new breath of life and a facelift.

With the website still preforming well in search and an abundance of pre-existing content, Rhys didn’t want to just discard the website. But it did need a lot of work to get it back up to scratch.

The first part of the project was to redeveloped the Got Lost! website, to give it a more current look with a responsive design that was a little more suitable for mobile devices. Another factor in the design was to maximise the site ad revenue potential of the website.

We found an existing WordPress theme and then tweaked it slightly to suit Got Lost! before deploying it to the website. Then made adjustments to the backend of the website to improve the performance.

The next stage of the project will be to create a new regular content schedule to keep fresh and interesting content going up on the website. Before giving the social media account associated with the site a much needed refresh.

Feel free to check out our work by visiting the Got Lost!’s new website – http://www.gotlost.info

Get in touch to if you’d like to know more about our Social Media and Content Marketing services. We’re working on several other website projects at the moment, we’ll showcase those once they’ve gone live.

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